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About Tovel

Tovel was founded in 1970 as a company that initially manufactured a line of mortar/plaster mixers and engaged in the repair of machinery, mostly forklifts. The founders of Tovel had considerable experience in machinery and vehicle maintenance, repair and modification, which they applied to satisfy their customers’ requirements.

As time passed, our original clientele requested rough terrain forklift products that were better designed to meet their needs. With these customers’ needs in mind, we developed and sold the first Tovel Model TS 6-22-18 heavy-duty two-wheel drive straight mast forklift unit. This was the start of the Tovel Rough Terrain Forklift business, which has evolved today into three product lines: Rough Terrain Telehandler products, Rough Terrain Straight Mast Forklift products and the Mortar/Plaster mixer products.

Tovel has been very successful with its products lines and operates its business today in a modern, fully equipped 40,600 square feet of manufacturing, engineering and office facility located in Concord, just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Company & Family Values

Throughout its existence, Tovel has had “Family Values” at the core of the company. Customers are seen as long term clients and treated on a personal basis. Each sale is guided by the principles of fair value and long term satisfaction, with the machine operating at or beyond customer expectations. Every machine is designed to exceed the required specifications, thoroughly inspected for quality during production and tested upon manufacturing completion to ensure that the machine we manufactured meets or exceeds our customers’ expectation.

Mission & Vision

Corporate Vision
Establish the benchmark for world class quality construction equipment!

Mission Statement
To produce customized construction equipment that not only meets, but exceeds our customers expectations, for every individual application. With this doctrine in mind, we endeavor to expand into new applications, where no rough-terrain construction vehicle has dared to traverse before



With our extensive line of straight mast and telescopic rough terrain forklift, rest assured that Tovel Manufacturing has the equipment for any applications. Contact us for more information.

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With its fully equipment manufacturing facility located in Concord, Ontario, Tovel Manufacturing is here to support all the rough terrain equipment we manufacture. Contact us for more information.

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Tovel Manufacturing works closely with all our dealers to fully support over 8,500 pieces of equipment located throughout North America. Contact us today for a dealer near you.

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